Film Photography

What is film? Film used in photography has many layers that imprint when they are exposed to light. Black and white film has fewer layers than color film. When the shutter opens,...

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Film Cameras

Most cameras produced today are digital and do not use film. There are still some film cameras being made, but they are almost entirely professional quality for use by artistic...

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Developing and Editing Film

Photograph Exposure Remember great-grandma’s old silverware that was actually made of silver and how it tarnished? The reason it tarnished was because silver blackens when...

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Film Photography

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Film Photography

Film was once the only type of photography available. People loaded film into cameras, and the film created a picture when the shutter was opened and the film was exposed to light.

Film Cameras

Film cameras were the only type available just a decade or so ago. Now it is nearly impossible to buy a film camera. Nearly all cameras made today are digital.

Developing Film

Film is developed by placing the exposed film into several different chemicals that bring out the image and transferring the image onto paper. When the chemicals have dried, the result is a photograph.