Customized Senior Portraits Offer More Life Details

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If you’re the parents of a high school senior who’s about to get school portraits taken for the year, you’ll have a choice between the regular pictures taken on campus and customized portraits that are much more intricate. Many people have been jumping at the chance to get the customized pictures done; the “Washington Post” reported in 2013 that the practice was growing so rapidly that some photographers had started devoting the majority of their business to senior portraits. But you have to be sure customized is right for you — both types of photo packages offer advantages.


Cost is the main, immediate concern. School packages — the ones where you sit in front of a bluish-gray backdrop or maybe have a few of those fake laser beams in the background — are usually free or very low-cost, depending on the number of pictures you choose to have printed.

Customized photo shoots can be all over the map in terms of cost. The “Washington Post” quoted prices ranging from $300 to $2,200 for a shoot — not including hair and makeup for the student — which can be tough for people who are on really tight budgets. Still, many photographers understand that problem, and the ones in your area might offer payment plans or budget shoots.

Trendy Hair and Makeup

One of the good things about the customized shoots is that hair and makeup service. Even if you have a son, he can benefit from the presence of a professional hair stylist. The hair styles and makeup that your children wear daily will appear dated within a few years — but a professional stylist on set can give the student a look that won’t scream 2014 by next year.

But then again — that’s half the fun of school pictures. Think about how you chuckle when you see your 1970s or 1980s feathered bangs, or the actual mohawk you sported in your punk days as a teenager. Your kids aren’t going to look the same in a couple of years, and maybe having the plain school portraits will be a good way to make a record of what your kids really looked like at this point. Not what a stylist wanted — but what they really looked like.

Well-Rounded Picture

The customized portrait session definitely wins when it comes to showing what your teen’s life includes. A regular school portrait often doesn’t allow them to show their interests. With a customized shoot, the student can include interests, ancestry, and more for a detailed picture of his or her life.

Customized portraits suit a lot of people, and you should seriously consider arranging for a session for your teen. But you — or your student — might turn out to be of a more traditional mind. Speak to a senior portrait photographer to find out what your options are in your area.

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