Deciding On A Tattoo

Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Blog, Entertainment

If you have always wanted a tattoo, and are finally getting around to having one done, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Taking the time in advance to plan out your tattoo can mean the difference between a tattoo you love and a tattoo you like. Here are some things to think about when deciding what type of tattoo you would like to get. Designing Your Tattoo When deciding what you would like a tattoo artist to draw upon your body, make it something that has meaning to you. Having a random thing drawn will not give the same feeling when looking at it years later. If you take the time to really think about something you love or some point in your life that you would like to highlight or tribute, you will end up enjoying your tattoo much more after it is completed. Talk To The Artist You should make an appointment with a reputable tattoo artist before you get your tattoo. Never go to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo on the spur of the moment or you risk being extremely disappointed. When you are dealing with something so important, you should have a consultation ahead of time to go over your design in detail. You will want the artist to draw the tattoo in advance so that you can approve or disapprove the design before it is placed on your skin. You would then be able to have them make any changes that you would like. You may not like the style a tattoo artist has. This will give you time to ask another one for a sample. Slapping a tattoo on without seeing it in advance could be a big mistake. Deciding On Placement You will need to decide where you would like your new tattoo located. Are you interested in showcasing it so everyone can see it or are you more of the type of person that wants to keep it for yourself? Do you need to cover up for work? The size of the tattoo will help determine where it will look appropriate. Take all of these points into consideration when making your decision. A Word About Names Getting someone else’s name tattooed upon your body is alright in two instances; if it is to honor someone who is deceased or if it is a child’s name. Other names being tattooed upon your body is not something you should do. You never know what life will bring in your future. Breakups happen to people who think that they will be together forever. It is best to pick something other than a...

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