Corporate Awards Ceremony: What to Include in the Formal Corporate Invitation Letter

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Blog, Entertainment

If you are throwing a business awards banquet, you need to send out formal corporate invitation letters to the organizations and individuals you want to attend. Formal invitation letters are appropriate when you are throwing an award ceremony or banquet. Be Sure to Send a Formal Invitation It takes a lot of time and effort to throw a corporate event. One of the most essential elements to a successful corporate event is having the right people in attendance. If you are giving away awards, it will not look good if your award recipients are not present. In order for your event to be successful, you need the right people to show up. Use Company Letterhead Since this is a formal corporate event sponsored by your company, make sure that you use formal company letterhead. This will signify what company is inviting them if the invitees are not familiar with you individually. How to Address Your Formal Invitation Be sure to send an official invitation to each individual who will be an award recipient at your banquet. Make sure you start out the invitation by formally addressing them by their name. You are more likely to get a yes on the RSVP box when you do this. Explain the Event Since this is a formal invitation letter, you have a little more room than normal to provide information about the event. Since you want all of the award recipients to attend, make sure you take the time to explain to them what the event is about and whom is it honoring. Make sure that you convey the importance of their presence at the event in the invitation.  You should also take the time to include typical invitation information, like the date, time, and location of the event. Since this is a formal business event, be sure that you let the invitees know what type of dress is expected. Finally, since this is an awards banquet, be sure to include the number of guests the invitee can bring. If you have specific guests you want in attendance to support the invitee, such as other employer, be sure to also send them their own invitations. Make it Easy to RSVP Since this is an awards ceremony, getting an RSVP is crucial. Make it easy for them to RSVP by including a stamped and addressed envelope with a reply card. You can also set up an electronic RSVP system, allowing individuals to reply by email or through a link. The most important part of an award’s banquet is honoring the award recipients. Make sure you get everyone to your banquet by following the tips above when writing the formal corporate invitation letter. Have another employee look over the invitation before you send it out to make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors and that all of the correct information is provided....

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