Mylar Balloons Vs. Latex Balloons: Their Benefits And Drawbacks To Help You Decide Which Ones To Buy

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Blog

Balloon decorations are popular and almost essential to every party. If you have ever walked into a party supply store, you have probably seen entire sections of balloons–deflated mylars and bags of latex balloons. Given the numerous decorative options of both types, how do you choose? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of mylar and latex balloons to help you decide which ones to buy for your next party. Mylar Balloons Mylar balloons are incredibly fun because they are made of a thin foil polymer that can be imprinted with just about any image and molded to just about any shape. If you want balloons in the shapes of your favorite cartoon characters or superheroes, they are probably there on display on the store wall. Mylar balloons are highly reflective, and can help bounce party lighting around the room. They are extremely durable and difficult to pop, unless you use a large and very sharp instrument. They are also allergen-free, which means that nobody at your party is going to break out in hives or go into shock.  Latex Balloons Latex balloons are the old rubbery standby balloons. They inflate quickly and easily, even if you do not have a helium tank and are relying on lung power to inflate them. Because of the latex, they are super-stretchy, almost see-through when fully inflated and can even be used for neat balloon tricks like toy surprises inside or balloons-within-balloons. They bounce well and lend themselves to party games of all kinds (e.g., “keep away” and balloon volleyball). Latex balloons can be imprinted with special greetings or personalized for the recipient or for the person you are celebrating with this big party. The drawbacks to latex balloons is that many people are now allergic to them, including kids, and it does not take much more than a poky bit of grass or a dressmaker’s pin to pop every balloon in the room. Which Ones to Buy Latex balloons are often the cheapest of the two balloon types, even when you ask the party store to inflate them with helium for you. However, their ability to send people running for their anti-itch creams and epi-pens tends to put these balloons on the no-buy list when you have invited guests that may or may not be allergic. Mylar balloons are extremely attractive, cost a little bit more to a lot more (if you buy the jumbo-sized character balloons), but will never make any of your guests sick. For more information, visit or a similar...

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Three Tips To Make Sure Your Happy Hour Doesn’t Make You Unhappy

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Many restaurateurs and barkeeps have a “happy hour,” a period of typically two or three hours where food and drinks are offered at reduced prices. If it’s been a while since you have reviewed your happy hour offerings and analyzed the resulting revenue, these three tips will help you assess if any changes are in order. Remember The Goal Of Happy Hour If your establishment is filled with customers during happy hour, but then quickly empties out at the end, you may be tempted to view it as a success. But when you consider that you likely didn’t make a profit during this time of reduced prices, it may be premature to call it a triumph. The objective of a happy hour is to drive traffic from the afternoon work crowd into contributing to your full-priced evening sales. Coach Your Staff Your happy hour loss leaders may have gotten customers in the door, but keeping them there requires a highly skilled team. Your staff should view every customer interaction as the opportunity to upsell and educate. Yes, you have happy hour specials, but that isn’t what your employees should be actively promoting. They should be mentioning the mouthwatering chef’s special being served later at dinner service. They should be pushing that new seasonal craft beer. They should be talking about the fabulous dance band setting up. Make sure each team member tells customers the specials as well as their personal favorite menu item and drink. Showcase The Items That Support Your Goals If you want to be the new place to go for BBQ, then your happy hour specials should reflect and support that goal. Happy hour appetizers should be a pulled pork slider, a smoked chicken leg, or a miniature “rack” of two ribs. The idea is to give them just a little taste of what you have to offer so they want to stick around. Leave them hungry for more, and they’ll be ordering off of your full menu in no time. Don’t offer an all-you-can-eat taco bar that will fill people up and doesn’t really support your barbecue format. The same goes for alcohol. If you have a band later in the evening that you want people to stick around for, you don’t want to offer high alcohol content drinks for your happy hour specials as everyone would likely be too inebriated to stay. Have a domestic beer special on entertainment nights instead. Your happy hour specials should work for you, not against you. Break down your daily happy hour sales, customer count, and compare them to your evening sales. Once you have this information, you can analyze the data and decide what, if any, changes need to be made to increase your revenue even...

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