Planning A Corporate Holiday Event? Consider These Entertainment Options

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Blog

Planning things like birthday parties or small occasions are really no big deal because you can cater the entertainment around the guest of honor’s interests. However, planning entertainment for a corporate event can be a little more of a daunting task because you are trying to cater to the interests of several employees all at once. Throw in the fact that your event will be around the holidays, and you may be left scratching your head while trying to sift through the options. Before you just randomly pick something, take a look at these corporate event entertainment ideas that will work perfectly for the holidays. 

Hire a small symphony orchestra to play sounds of the season. 

Music is a logical choice when it comes to corporate events because most people in the crowd can appreciate song and instrumentals. Through the holidays, you can keep the music a little more holiday oriented by hiring a small symphony orchestra to play holiday songs at the event, or you could hire a small choir to perform chorus music relative to the season. You can even round up requests from your employees and give the requests the artists or director before the scheduled show to keep your employees involved in the musical presentation. 

Hire a Santa to come in and pass out small gifts or party favors. 

No holiday party is going to be complete without a visit from Santa. Through the holiday season, Santas for hire are fairly easy to find and they will usually make an appearance for a reasonable price. You could have Santa stop by just as the event is getting started or somewhere near the end to pass out small gifts and favors to everyone in attendance. You could even have Santa set up in a visiting area where employees can swing by and let him know what they want for Christmas and get pictures. 

Hire a comedian to put on a holiday-themed comedy show. 

Any time of year is a good time of year for a laugh, and your employees will definitely enjoy comedy at your corporate event. Look for a comedian who can come up with a holiday themed show relative to your business or even allow a comedian to do a lighthearted roast of the company’s top employees, like the management team, CEO, or the folks in the human resources office. For an added bit of fun, you could have the comedian bring some unsuspecting corporates on stage for the show. 

Keep these tips in mind as you hire corporate entertainment for your next event.