About Jeannie Franklin

My name is Jeannie Franklin and I am a professional photographer. I make my living shooting weddings, engagements, families and babies with a few other projects thrown in between. I work exclusively in the digital medium, although I do often miss the challenges associated with film.
I myself am a victim of digital photography. I once owned my own developing lab where I developed film and created physical photographs for clients. The people who came to me were amateur photographers, professional photographers as well as business people and other professionals who needed high quality photographs for their companies. My company also developed photographs for the police department and county legal department when they needed them to help solve a crime or to be used as evidence in court.
Once digital photography came into play, labs like mine were no longer needed. I had to give up my business and start all over again as a photographer.
I realize that the days of film are over, but I hope that there will always be people who will hold onto the art of film photography. Digital pictures certainly have their place, but a digital picture can never be the art form that film photography can be.