Film Photography

What is film?

Film used in photography has many layers that imprint when they are exposed to light. Black and white film has fewer layers than color film. When the shutter opens, the light goes through the layers of the camera and creates the photo.

Why use film?

You may wonder why someone would choose film when digital photography is easy and convenient. Many people who enjoy film photography find that they have more control over their pictures and can be more artistic with the use of light, film speed and the rate at which they open the lens. Film also allows photographers to images using double exposure and different developing techniques. People who use film in photography often consider themselves artists rather than simply people capturing an event or scene.

Where can you buy film?

A decade ago, you could find film for cameras at almost any convenience store, drug store, home goods store or grocery store. Finding film today is much harder. You can no longer walk into any store and buy film for your camera, but you can still find it at specialty stores. Camera stores will often carry film, although you might have to ask for it. You can also buy film online. Find stores by doing a search.

Types of Film

There are many different types of film. Some are designed to work with specific cameras. Others are a particular size. Camera film has a limited number of exposures and will need to be developed after a certain number of pictures have been taken.
There are also films that are higher and lower quality. High quality film typically produces clearer pictures under harsher conditions thank low quality film, but high quality film is much more expensive.